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About Us

I'm CJ Sohal, Marketing Consultant and founder of Unwrap Your Success and I'm on a mission to simplify the world of Tech for the small business owners of this world. Here's the thing. We've got over 5 years experience working of working with entrepreneurs and business owners like yourself to build website, manage social media, create content and funnels - so that you don't just have a "business card" website, but a set of business "systems" which work hard to turn prospects into buyers.

What makes us different?

There's a ton of web developers and Social Media Managers (SMMs) out there. How do you choose and which one do you trust?

It's truly a minefield out there. the number of stories we've heard where someone has been badly let down by another developer, for example our client Leah Charles King, who was let down by a foreign firm who could not be held to account (and took several days or even a week to respond to a simple email) and impacted her mission-critical promotional campaign. This is one of the reasons we're in this business. We've had enough of these situations and scenarios where the business owner has done nothing wrong. By letting people down, these developers are giving the industry a bad name.

Our mission is to bring back the good name of conscientious developers everywhere.