June 1, 2015

The Power Of Focus


Most people recognise that they cannot do to many things at once. Any time we try to achieve many goals all at once, we find that we spread ourselves too thinly.

For example, if I take any one of my major goals, to lose weight and get fit, I find that I have many tasks that I need to do to achieve that goal. Some of those are high priority tasks which need to be done right to help achieve my goal. I have many other separate goals (as well as some goals which link into one another, you know what I mean) and each of these has major tasks which I must complete. Can you imagine how trying to achieve all these goals by doing all these tasks at once might result in overwhelm?

In fact it’s been proven that you can’t really do any two meaningful tasks at the same time. For example, if you’re trying to read a book or listen to the radio, you’re not actually fully attentive to the book, neither to the radio. Your mind is actually flicking between the two at a very fast rate. This is why sometimes you hear something interesting on the radio, and you then find you have to go back and read that paragraph on your book over again.

Instead, I would recommend that you focus on one goal and one activity at a time. If you’re going to read, some soft music which is not going to be a distraction would be ideal.

If you do focus on the most effective task which will yield the biggest results, you may find that you don’t try to do too many things at once. You may even find that by focusing on just the most effective tasks, you can make time for one or 2 extra actions per day which help you towards the other goals. But by not doing only these highly effective tasks, you will feel that emotion of overwhelm and will find out you burn-out quickly and often.

To your Success,

CJ Sohal


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