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May 26, 2015

Designing your Destiny – Part 3 of 7


Welcome to the third part in our series Designing your Destiny. This series explores the Destiny By Design formula and how it can help you achieve outstanding results in all areas of your life.

In the first part, we spoke about the need to Decide what out its you want to achieve.

In the second post we spoke about how you can connect your goal to your values and your beliefs to your values.

Step 3: Seek

In this post we are going to talk about Seeking new knowledge and levels of understanding to help us achieve the results we are after. As Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking we used to create them.” In other words, we need to learn something more, do something better, or change the way we think in order to achieve results and Design our own Destiny.

The challenge most people have in learning something new, of even improving on their existing knowledge, is that we seldom have the time to dedicate to the learning. and even if we do find the time, we don’t know what to focus on and how to achieve results quickly.

The exercises below will guide you through the process that I and countless others have used to achieve great learning results.

1 What do you know?

Take a moment to write down in bullet points what you currently know about the topic or area you selected in Part 1 of this journey. Write down as many keywords as you can think of. And don’t worry if your list is quite short or you don’t know anything in that area. the next post will tasks care of that for you. As an example, if you choose the area of Health, you might say you know how to create a diet plan our exercise plan for yourself.

2 What do you need to learn or grow your skills in?

For example if you selected the area of Money, and you said you already know about creating an expenses document, you might say the area you need to work on is getting the habit of saving, or you want to learn how to start a business our learn to invest your money. Create a list like you did in the first exercise.

3 Define your Top Three

Now from the list of things you want to learn more about, select the top 3 that would create the biggest impact in your growth and understanding in your chosen area. 80% of your results will come from the top 20% of good actions, so be sure to circle the most important ones only.

4 Top down approach

Using the Top-down approach, select the item which will yield the biggest results if you got this handled right now. for this area, note write down the top 3-5 actions you can take and the ones that will help you learn or improve in this area quickly.

For example you might choose that the most important thing you need to learn is how to start a business. your list of how to go about it might look something like this:
1) Read books on starting businesses (pick a few in your chosen area)
2) Join the local college and take a course in that area
3) Join a mentorship program with someone already successful in that area

Following this, decide which activity will help you get 80% of the results quickly.

In the above example you may decide that getting a mentor in the same area will help you gain the knowledge as well as learn from their wealth of experience and hindsight.

Now you know what to focus on, this alone will save you hours of guesswork and help you get the results you want quickly and efficiently. This alone will double the rate of your productivity.

Well done, having gone through the first three parts of the Destiny by Design formula, you have now taken more actions than most people do on any of their goals. Give yourself a pat on the back.

To your success,

CJ Sohal

May 25, 2015

Designing Your Destiny – Part 2 of 7

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Welcome to the second part in our series Designing your Destiny. This series explores the Destiny By Design formula and how it can help you achieve outstanding results in all areas of your life.

In the first part, we spoke about the need to Decide what it is you want to achieve. We also discussed how you can really test your goal so that it is a good fit for you, and you have clarity on what it will do for you.

Step 2: Energy

In this part we discuss how you can put real Energy behind your goal and how your Values and Beliefs can help you get there.

What are Values?

There are many types of Values, but we are going to focus on 2 certain types. Values are ideals, or feelings that we either want to go towards or want to avoid. These are called “moving towards” and “moving away from” values.

These values can be different in different areas of our lives. For example, in the area of Work, I might value punctuality. This is an ideal which I subscribe to. When something happens and this ideal isn’t reached; either because I’m late or someone else is, I get frustrated or upset. This would be a “moving towards” value. A “moving away from” value might be being “dis-organised”. I might do everything in my power to make sure I don’t fit this description or that my day might be unplanned and scattered. Similarly, if I feel dis-organised, I get upset about it and want to put it right.

Your Values

Right now, in the area you chose to work on in Part 1, start by listing 5 values that you have associated with that area. So if your chosen area is health, you might have things in your list like: “energy”, “vitality” “feeling pushed/stretched” or “excitement” since you get excited when you know you’re heading to the gym. For now, only list “moving towards” or positive values.

Next, considering the 5 values you have just written down, place them in the order of which you value the most, so that the one that is most important to you is first, and the one that gets you excited the least is 5th.

This will give you what we call your Hierarchy of Values. How amazing is that!

The next step is equally important. It’s your Beliefs.

What are beliefs?

Beliefs are the rules that we have set up to decide if something is meeting our values or not. For example, if one of my values around health is energy, then how do I know whether I’m doing this part called “energy” right? Beliefs can be if..then rules that we have set up. For example, “if you kiss me, then you love me.” Or “if you love me, then you’ll kiss me.” Beliefs can also be generalisations that we have made up about the world around us. Phrases such as “All men are…..gallant” spring to mind. Or “Everyone at work hates me.” These beliefs can be about us, people around us – or specific groups of people, or the world around us in general.

Limiting Beliefs

I might have a belief that says in order for me to get energy, I can eat a Mars bar a day. Or I might have a belief that daily exercise will give me the energy I need. Which of these beliefs do you think will serve me the most?

Beliefs that do not serve us are known as limiting beliefs, because they limit our potential and stop us growing. Can you see how a belief such as “I can eat a Mars bar a day and stay healthy” might limit someone’s potential for change? You bet it will!

Take some time now and write down your beliefs around the area you chose to work on in your life. Give yourself 5 minutes and write down anything and everything that comes up.

If you’re having trouble in a certain area of your life, you might notice a few negative beliefs hanging out back there. Don’t panic, we’re going to transform those next.

Changing old beliefs

Take a look at the negative beliefs that came up in the exercise earlier. Not very supportive huh? Now on a blank piece of paper, I’d like to invite you to write down the opposite of your limiting belief, and state it in the most positive words possible. So if my limiting belief might be “Rich people are greedy” and my goal is to become wealthy, we can safely say that this belief isn’t going to be helping me. We can now turn that belief around. I might turn around and say “Rich people are generous” but his isn’t really stated in an empowering way. I would actually take it a step further and make it personal by saying “Rich people are generous and kind. Being rich would enable me to give so much more back to the world!”

Can you see how this new more empowering belief would not only support me going forward, but also push me towards my goal?

Take some time now to write more empowering versions of your limiting beliefs. These new empowering beliefs will give you extra energy towards your goals.

Use this list of new empowering beliefs as your affirmations for at least 21 days. They will gradually change the way you think about that subject and your old beliefs will no longer hold you back!

And remember, to live with prosperity!

To your success,

CJ Sohal

May 24, 2015

Designing Your Destiny – Part 1 of 7


Welcome to this special 7 part series “Designing your Destiny” that will help you connect with your values and beliefs, and ensure that you meet your goals in life. It is designed specifically to give you tools that will leave no doubt in your mind as to whether you will achieve your goals, and reach prosperity and freedom in whatever way you desire.

This program was born out of the need for a tool that would help me and others achieve goals not only consistently, but also making them fun and easy to achieve – no matter how challenging it might sound or how much the goal might stretch your comfort zone.

This series takes you through our unique D.E.S.T.I.N.Y formula to really help your shape your own future.

This post takes you through the first step in achieving your goal.

Step 1: Decide

When you make the decision to truly Design your Destiny, to start shaping your future, you must take the time to write down your goals.

To make sure you really have nothing holding you back, you need to ensure that the goal is a good fit for you. You need to test your goal.

Answer the following questions to test your goals:

  1. State your goal in present tense, e.g. “I have”, or “I am”
  2. State your goal in positive terms, so instead of “I must lose 10 lbs”, state “I weigh xx lbs”, instead of “I must get out of debt”, where the focus is debt, state “I earn x amount per month doing what I love”.
  3. When do you want to achieve your goal by? Set a firm deadline, e.g. Instead of “End of February”, be specific, “by 28th Feb 2015”.
  4. What would happen if you achieved your goal? Would would you see, hear and feel?
  5. What would happen if you didn’t meet your goal? How will this cost you emotionally, physically, spiritually?
  6. What wouldn’t happen if you meet your goal?
  7. What wouldn’t happen if you didn’t meet your goal?
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Academy Members Special Note

Online Academy members be sure to check out your workbook to get the extended list of questions to truly test your goal.[/boxibt] [break]

Once you have gone through these questions, be sure to keep them around you and review them daily. I sometimes think of other things to add to these answers. Keeping these around will spur your growth and get you to your goals faster!

And remember, to live with prosperity.

To your success,

CJ Sohal