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April 19, 2016

7 Ways to Make Yourself Feel Good Instantly

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7 Ways to Make Yourself Feel Good Instantly

We all go through periods of highs and lows, ups and downs – yes, even us coaches occasionally have down days! The difference is that some people are better than others at picking themselves up and moving on with their day in a positive spirit.

Here’s 7 things you can do to make yourself feel good quickly.

Go for a walk

This may seem simplistic, and often some of the best things are not that complicated. Going for a walk will help you clear your head. You’ll release endorphines – nature’s happy drug – and will have time to think though whatever might be getting you down. I usually go for a walk during lunches and get the benefit of fresh air as well as bring able to think through the issues of the day

Get off the Internet and mobile devices

These days we spend increasing amounts of time consuming content and drowning ourselves in a sea of information. It’s been said that the average person goes through more content in less than a year as someone used to in their lifetime in the 1960s. In that time we haven’t taken the time to understand and appreciate how much information overload can affect us in subtle ways. Switch off for a few hours or even a whole day. I promise the world won’t end.

Complete a project

Do something you’ve been putting off or complete a project you’ve started a long time ago. No matter how small or big a task might be, once we finish it, we feel heaps better and our self-esteem goes up. We get that sense of gratification. I know that when I finish something I told the wife I’d do 6 months ago, I get a sense of pride. Also she cooks me my favourite dinner. It’s a win-win.

Write Something

I’m not talking a to-do list, and not necessarily a novel, but writing is therapeutic. Write about your day. Journaling is important and can help you put things in perspective and see things in a new light. Thinking on paper to brainstorm new ideas is great too.

Smile more!

Smile and the world smiles with you! It’s not just a cliche. it’s actually true. Smiling is infectious. Not only will you make yourself feel better but others too. The more you do it, the more natural it will feel. Practice smiling as often as you can.

Call someone

Talking to someone you haven’t spoken to in ages can lift your spirits. Check back on old friends and even if they decide to off-load their problems on you (like some of mine have done), they could help put yours in perspective – and suddenly life isn’t so terrible. When you do call people, remind them how great they are and what you like/appreciate about them.

Making and keeping relationships also makes up happier human beings and helps build our self-esteem. Making others feel better will also make us feel better too.

Have a song and dance

Completely let go of any worries, stresses and doubts. Put on some music and lose yourself in it. Music as a great form of escapism and an artistic way of expressing yourself. It doesn’t matter if there’s anyone else around or not. It also doesn’t matter whether you think you’re great or not. I sing along to music on the train and look like a crazy person. If other people find it funny, then great, I’ve just spread some more happiness in the world. Double points!

What do you do to life your spirits? I’d love to hear from you!

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June 4, 2015

Getting into Peak State


I truly feel that in order to get the best out of ourselves, we need to be in an optimum state.

What do I mean by that?

If you know you have a job to do, or something to accomplish, it really helps you if you are mentally prepared to give your best, or be in the best possible state for that particular action to take place. For example, if I am going to be delivering a talk, presentation or seminar, I need to be in a state of high energy and high listening mode. Why? My audience will feed off that energy if my energy is low. If I’m not in listening mode, then I will not be open to take on feedback that I am getting from my audience, especially non-verbal cues. I’ll discuss this in another blog post in more detail.

Another example might be, for me to give my best when I am writing this blog, I need to be in a creative state. For me, I get the best results when I’m feeling really creative. Wouldn’t you agree?


One of the ways that can help you get into the right state is to watch your language patterns and use positive language. Instead of saying “oh, I don’t feel creative at all!” Change your inner and outer dialogue to say “I feel superbly creative. I’ve got great energy and that means the creative juices are really flowing.” Saying this a few times will actually get you into the right state, allowing you to be much better results.


One thing that can stand in your way even if you use the right language, is allowing your mind to focus on the negatives in the given situation. If you want to have high energy because you have a speech to deliver, but you focus on all the things that could go wrong, you will sadly lose your state. You will not achieve that state no matter how much you tell yourself that you are in that state if you focus on the opposite, or on things that make you uncomfortable. Take a mental check that you are focused on the right things, and the right results.


Believe it or not, how you use your physiology, your body language has a huge impact on how you come across both to yourself and to others. Try telling yourself you’re really happy with a big frown on your face and looking down. It simply doesn’t work. Alternatively try to have a big grin on your face, look up at the sky, and try telling yourself you’re depressed. That one might actually make you laugh as it did when I tried it. So it is important to have your physiology, how you use your body to be in tune with the emotion or state that you are trying to achieve.

Peak State

In order to achieve what I call Peak State, a state where you are positive, you feel unstoppable and you get great results, is to combine all of the above with some great affirmations. One of my personal favourites is “Every day, in every way I’m getting stronger and stronger!” For this to work, as well as saying the right words, you should focus on this and truly believe that this statement is true. You must also use your physical body to gesture and put real energy behind the affirmation. Say it a few times, say it like you mean it, and put real emphasis on the words. You will feel incredible and will be empowered to take action on any goal or task you need to do.

And remember, to live in Prosperity!

To your Success,

CJ Sohal