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May 28, 2015

Designing Your Destiny – Part 5 of 7


Welcome dear reader to the fifth part of the Destiny by Design series. If you’re following this series from the beginning, you are truly a remarkable person. You are someone who is really committed to excellence and achieving results.

By now you have Decided on your goal, you have added more Energy to your goal, have discovered the best source of Knowledge and made sure your goal is Timely and procrastination is taken care of for good.

Step 5: Taking Action

Now is the time to really start getting the results you deserve, and the way to do that is Initiate your goal. Let’s start taking some real action!

In the last part of this series, you broke your goal down to things you need to be doing in time intervals leading up to your target date.

Now, take out your pad and paper and write down your first milestone that you write down in the previous post. In my example I said that if I was to do a 5k or 10k run, my shortest goal might be to reduce my time for running 4k.

Write down now, two small actions and one big action towards your short term goal. Commit to competing these actions as soon as physically possible. In fact, if you can do one of those actions right now, stop reading any further and do that action NOW.

Secret Sauce

Here’s the secret sauce for what to do if your still haven’t taken any action and your still reading. What would be the Very First thing I need to do this? I am talking about literally taking the first possible step towards your short term goal. This might be to get a personal trainer so I can measure my results and speed but also hold myself accountable to take further action. But we’re talking about the First step in completing this action.

The first step might be to look up personal trainers in your area. You can take to the internet or ask friends for personal recommendations. I find the latter usually helps. But we can go a step further. The VERY FIRST step would actually be to turn on your PC or get on to Facebook to talk to someone you already know. Doesn’t sound so scary now does it? Turning on your PC or finding a phone number or connecting to Facebook. So now you really have no excuse. Go ahead and take that first action NOW and remember, to live in Prosperity!

To your Success,

CJ Sohal