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May 23, 2015

3 Insights from Traffic Millionaire Summit 2015

On 15th to 17th  May 2015, I had the pleasure for crewing for the Traffic Millionaire Summit, hosted by none other than Intenet Marketing legend Shaqir Hussyin.

Below is a summary of the top insights that I gained from this event and I hope that they serve to boost your online business or the online aspect of your offline business. Fully understanding these has the potential to add some zeroes to your income.


Traffic is the Lifeblood of your online business

This one insight has made me look at the online aspect of my business in a whole different light. Whereas I am familiar with the concept that one must always have new and fresh leads coming in, Shaqir really bought home the fact that you can never have too much traffic, or too many leads. It’s far better to have too many leads than too few.

When you have an abundance of traffic coming in, you then only need to worry about converting that traffic into buyers.

To use an analogy, a bakery can only sell bread to customers if they have enough customers coming in. But while they are busy serving customers already in the shop, they cannot pull the shutter down or stop attracting new customers. Unlike a bakery, your customers online are not necessarily hungry and have other things vying for their attention. 95% of your cold traffic will never buy from you. This was like a WOW moment for me.


Paid traffic vs Free traffic

This is the age-old debate which some marketers just cannot agree upon. What I learned from several of the speakers at this event, there can be a healthy balance between traffic which is organic – i.e. comes from your blog, your YouTube videos etc. and traffic you get from solo ads, JVs and paid ads.

For more targeted traffic, paid ads from reputable sources was recommended. Facebook ads received particular attention at the Summit and it has been proven that highly targeted ads bring in great ROI.

For best results, use paid FaceBook ads to drive traffic to your blog where you are offering great value to the reader. Then you can offer an opt-in where they give you their email address for even more great value.


Delivering Great Value

This last insight that I had was arguably the most important one. Nobody will buy from you unless you are delivering great value and treating your customer like a king. If you’re not delivering great content or value, someone else will, and they will get the custom from your client.

Here, 2 principles apply. Firstly, you must always under-promise and over-deliver. Go beyond what the customer expects from you. If you offer 7 tips to boost sales, deliver an 8th secret tip which goes further and helps them more. Secondly, be consistent in your approach. If you choose to blog every day, make sure you stick to it. If its once a week, stick to that. If you’re releasing 1 video a month, keep it up!

Following the above tips will ensure you have a flourishing online business. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these tips.

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To your success,

CJ Sohal