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How to Stop Making Terrible Decisions


Are you fed up of making decisions that are costly, not just financially but also sometimes emotionally and spiritually?

I know I’ve been there a thousand times in the past where I’ve made terrible decisions, even if my guy instinct tells me otherwise.

Now I go through a series of steps each time an important decision has to be made. I have to say that I still get the occasional decision and actions wrong (just ask my wife) but I now make better quality decisions almost every time.


One thing that I must stress right at the beginning here is that your intuition is one of your most powerful tools in your arsenal to actually making sound decisions.

At times you will feel that you followed your intuition and it still lead down the wrong path. However in hindsight, I’ve found that I’d not read my own inner alarms correctly. Learn to listen to your intuition more and you will make much better decisions.

An invaluable tool I have found is a guided self-hypnosis on YouTube. Listen to this when you have some quiet time. Listen to it a few days in a row. Then you can start changing some of the questions you ask yourself or add new ones. I often listen to meditations, and then alter them to suit my own needs. This will serve you greatly.


Truth is, we disregard so many of our “gut-feelings” that we have about anything. Learn to trust yourself again and get make much better decisions.


What I learned was, a lot of the inner alarms go off when we go against our own core values. What are values you ask? Values are the ideals or emotions that we hold dear to us. To find out your values about something, ask yourself “what do I value the most in _______”. So to get your life values, ask yourself, “What do I value the most in life?”

To get your values about business, ask yourself “What do I value the most in business?” You get the idea. Write these down, ideally you want to get at least 5 values for each area of your life. and you can then put them in an order of importance – what we call a hierarchy.

Emulating Successful People

Donald Trump Speaking

Image Courtesy Gage Skidmore (Flickr)



So now you have your intuition in check, and you ensure that you check each opportunity an decision against your values. One way you can go a step further is to ask yourself the question: “What would Person X do?” Where Person X is someone you admire, who had sound values and someone you would like to emulate. When making business decisions, I ask myself, What would my coach do, what would Richard Branson do, and What would Donald Trump do?

I can’t think of anyone else who would be better at making business decisions than these people. They work for me but you may need to change out to other people. Having read the biographies of these successful people, I have an insight into what these people may be thinking, as well as the mistakes they have already made.

A tip about my mentors and coaches, they are not only great decision makers, but they’re also a phone call away if I need to run something past them. Another great reason to get yourself a coach and a mentor (ahem!)

And remember, to live in Prosperity.

To your Success,

CJ Sohal