May 30, 2015

Designing Your Destiny – Part 7 of 7


Welcome to the final part of the Destiny by Design series. Wow, you’ve really come a long way if you’ve read all the past 6 posts in this series. Give yourself a pat on the back for being such an incredible human being. you have shown that you are truly committed to your growth and are set to become a leader in your own life; someone others can model and be inspired by.

Let’s recap our journey. In Part 1, we took the time to Decide what our goals should be. In the 2nd Part, we tested our goal to see if it fit in with our values and beliefs. We then found some strategies in seeking new levels of Knowledge and understanding to help us get even closer to our goals. We then set some deadlines and milestones in place to help make our goals Timely. Remember, what gets measured gets done. Of course, there is no achievement without taking time to Initiate our goals and taking action.

In the 6th Part, we learned lessons in Perseverance, knowing full well that things will get in the way and instead of taking the easy way out, you have set yourself up so that you not only follow through, but take the best possible actions.

Step 7: Start with You: Sharpen the Saw

Now, finally at the end of this journey, we must take time to really “Sharpen the saw” and realise that any change we make must first be internal. You can’t change your results if you don’t change your thinking.

Take up your success journal and draw a line down the middle of the page. label the first column “Things I’m great at”. In the second column, write “What’s not perfect yet”.

Now think, in relation to your current goal, and keeping in mind everything we discussed in the previous sections, write out a list of things you need to celebrate and also things to work on which will help you get closer to achieving your goal.

On a separate piece of paper, revisit the area of values and beliefs and write down what must change in your values and beliefs in order to excel in this area. Write down some new beliefs to help you get there faster and add them to your list of daily affirmations.

Next, I would like to point out to you two things that’s will set you apart in your field and help you achieve all your goals. Firstly, your Self-belief will be the thing that gets you through the toughest times. Have a strong ‘Why’ which will compel you to move towards your goal. Tony Robbins says that the only reason you are not achieving your goal is you don’t have a strong enough Why. You associate more pain to doing the thing than not doing it. This must change and will only happen through some empowering daily habits. Affirmations are a big part of this.

Second, become a leader in your life and your field. If you want to work out and lose weight, decide that you are going to be a shining example of this for your family and others around you. There should be no doubt in your mind about the achievement of your goal.

These two qualities will go a long way. Fully 80% of your success will come from these principles.

Together, these two work to form something even more powerful, the power of self-discipline. For if you have a strong Why, a lot of self-belief, and you are committed to bring a leader, a shining example, you will read the rewards of having great self-discipline which is the only principle which will guarantee your success in everything you put your mind to.

Thank you for coming along on this powerful journey, and being truly committed to your growth. I commend you for taking action.

Now you might be thinking, what I’d the next step for me? What else can I do to ensure my success? You might also want to revisit these 7 steps in more detail.

I would like to invite you to download my guide “7 Steps to Designing Your Destiny”. When you do, you will also receive these 7 Steps in 7 short videos which I’ve prepared especially for you.

What more? Of course you want more! It’s why you’re still here reading this. If you happen to be in London, you are more than welcome to join me at my next Meetup Event or seminar, details of which are available on the Events page of this website. I look forward to you joining me on my all the various Social Media channels available at the top of this page.

And remember, to live with Prosperity!

To your Success,

CJ Sohal


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