May 29, 2015

Designing Your Destiny – Part 6 of 7


Welcome to the sixth part in our Destiny by Design series. By now you have gone through the last 5 posts of this series and are well on your way to getting equipped with all the tools you need to really make a difference in your life and that of others. I applaud you for sticking with me on this and being committed to your future.

Step 6: Perseverance

In this part you will have a lesson in perseverance. Many dreams die at the front porch because we simply do not follow through when we have setbacks.

Can you think back to a point in your life when you had the chance to do something great, and follow through on a goal or dream you had? Do you remember a particular incident or setback which occurred after which your brain just said “Nope, too difficult. There’s no hope,” or that dreaded outcry “Told you it wouldn’t work!”

That last one might not even have come from you! I remember more than one occasion where some other well-meaning person said those words to me, and my heart sank.

Naturally when these things occur, we have a hard time following through. Picking ourselves up, dusting off the dirt and carry on carrying on.

I’d like you to now take up your success journal and on a new page, write down such a situation in the past where you didn’t take action on your goal after a setback.

Write down what happened. Why did you suddenly stop? What was your inner chatter?

What were people around you saying? Was there someone who was not very supportive? Equally was there someone who was on your side but you failed to listen to their reasoning or their message of support?

Write down what happened as a result of you not taking action.

Now write down what would have happened if you had taken further action despite something going wrong.

What would you have done differently? Who could you have spoken to? Gotten help from?

What would have been the end result of you taking the action and finally achieving that goal despite all odds? What would that have done to your self-belief and confidence?

Now think of the goal you are currently working on. What unfortunate event or setbacks have you already encountered? What challenge are you going through right now with that goal?

If you’re going through more than one challenge, write down your biggest one right now. For example, my goal might be to lose some weight but my challenges might be that I don’t have a good eating pattern, I don’t have an effective exercise plan I can stick to. But my biggest challenge is I cannot keep to a plan when I do have one.

Now write down ways you can empower yourself to overcome this challenge. What could you do differently? At this point your coach our mentor can really help you get a set of possible solutions. In the above example, my possible solutions could be to join an expensive gym, because the pain of having to pay out a lot will push me to actually go and make the most of it. Another might be to get a workout buddy and plan together how we are going to achieve our fitness goals.

As in the previous post, find the one thing that will give you the biggest results. For me, it would be far more effective to have a friend to work out with than just joining an expensive gym. For me, the pain of spending a lot of money will lose its novelty, but working with someone else will keep me motivated for far longer! What would work for you?

Any time you have setbacks or challenges, think of the best thing to get you over that hump and commit to doing those things on a consistent basis.

And remember, to live in prosperity!

To your Success,

CJ Sohal


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